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When Will My Order Arrive? – Orders are shipped within 24 hours after being placed. Once shipped, packages take anywhere from 5-7 days to arrive at the destination. We cannot guarantee a certain day at which the package is to arrive, so please order accordingly, to our shipment times.

Can I Buy Outside Of The U.S.? – Yes! Please enter the international address you’d like to mail to and we will send your package. Additional shipping costs apply.

How Can I Track My Order? – All orders include a USPS tracking number in the order confirmation email that you receive. Please go to www.usps.com and enter your tracking number to see where your order currently is in the shipping process.

Can My Potato Be Delivered On A Certain Day? – No. We Cannot guarantee delivery on a certain day because once your package is at the USPS, it is their job to get it to you. Depending on your location delivery times may vary, but all orders should arrive to the destination anywhere from 5-7 days .

Who’s Shipping Address and Email Do I Enter At Checkout? – At Potato Express, we love sending potato messages to other people. So please enter the RECIPIENT’S shipping address, so that the potato can go to them (Unless you are sending a potato to yourself!) Enter YOUR email on shipping information. If you enter the recipient’s email in the shipping information, then they will get the order confirmation email and know that you are sending them the potato. You don’t want to ruin the surprise!

Where Do I Enter My Potato Message? – On the checkout page, where it says “Order Notes.” Please remember to do this or we cannot process your order.

How Many Words Can Fit On My Potato? – We have a 15 word max on potatoes. Why? Because we cannot fit more than that on them.

How Do I Enter the Receiver’s Address? – Remember to enter YOUR email and the RECEIVER’S shipping address.

Can I Eat The Potato I Receive? – No. We do not recommend eating these potatoes as they have ink and can pick up bacteria during the shipping process. We are not liable for any sickness if you eat the potatoes!

*** Please note that we do not process orders if they include threatening messages that will scare or harass people. If someone emails us saying that they feel threatened by your message and demands to know who send them a potato, we may reveal your identity. This is on a case by case basis.